Off-site Backup

What Is Cloud/Off-site Backup?

Every business has important data.  Whether it is financial records, customer contact information, patient records, or project data the fact remains: you don’t want it to disappear on you.  That’s where backups come in.

Cloud (or off-site) backup means that you don’t have to worry about monitoring the backup job process.  It means that in the event of a natural disaster or simple negligence your data is still safe somewhere.  And while backing up your data on-site can be a cost-effective solution, it’s not a fool proof solution.

Our backup solution is a business-class online data backup and recovery service that safeguards critical business data at a secure offsite location. Using the highest levels of compression and encryption available, our cloud / off-site backups allow businesses to automatically protect digital information and restore it at anytime from any location. By choosing our proven solution, you will benefit from the best automated backup technology available including military-grade security, fully HIPAA compliant storage, 24/7 access to your data, and world-class customer support. Whether you are a home-based business or an enterprise corporation, our backup solution provides a simple and efficient solution at an affordable cost.

How Does It Work?

  • A backup agent is deployed to the system(s) requiring backup
  • A default job is run after hours.  The first job is called the “seed”.
  • After the seed is established, your first full copy of data is stored safely in the cloud.  Each subsequent backup job only updates what has changed.
  • Data is compressed and encrypted.
  • Data is stored and replicated on the back end to prevent potential data loss on the storage end as well.
  • Reports are generated in the event of a failure.  100% of failures are fully investigated.  Most are investigated within 12 hours of the failure.
  • In the event that the backup job can be re-run without intervention from the customer, we initiate the process and confirm the job completes successfully.
  • If subsequent attempts fail or the issue cannot be resolved, we will immediately contact you and work with you to get the source of the problem corrected.
  • The data can be restored at any time from any computer.


Technology Overview

• Fully Automated

• Data Compression

• 256 AES Encryption

• Tier 4 Data Centers

• Delta Blocking

• In-file Deduplication

• Open File Backup

• Simple User Interface

• 24/7 File Restoration

Service Features


• Mirrored Data Centers

• Microsoft SQL & Exchange

• File Servers

• Laptop & Standalone Desktop

• Image-level backup option

• Bare-metal backup option

• Comprehensive Reporting

No matter what the technology required is to do the job you need, the price is the same.  You only pay for actual storage space used.

If you’re looking to protect your data, give us a phone call today at 319-752-5603.