Cloud Services

Flexibility, Security, and Scalability

We’ve all heard of “The Cloud”, but what is it?  When we talk about the cloud we’re not talking about a puffy cluster of water vapor in the sky we are talking about a complex communications infrastructure generally accessed through your internet connection that is used to provide you with a service.

Move To The Cloud

Anything as a Service

In case you haven’t already noticed, everything is moving to the cloud.  And for those resistant to that change you can expect to see the cost of non-cloud solutions to continue to rise.

Cloud solutions maximize availability, flexibility, and scalability while minimizing hardware and software costs over long periods of time.

In today’s world you can get just about anything as a cloud service.


Ready for anything.


No more worrying about each of your employees being on a different version of software, being short a license, or remembering where you put that key when you need to reinstall.



High Availability

Most business owners or managers are aware of the common technical threats that face their business such as cyber intrusions and data corruption and purchase security software and configure backups.  However many fail to plan for events such as a user opening a malicious file which encrypts everything on the network including local backups.  Or for the inevitable internet outage which takes down email and Voice over IP services.  But with cloud services such as cloud backup, numerous copies of your files stay encrypted off site and can be easily restored with the click of a button.  Mail services remain unaffected and you’re able to send and receive emails.  Voice over IP is routed to cell phones so you can continue to do business.  J&S provides a variety of cloud services which exemplify these high availability traits. 



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