Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Email is an important part of everyday business communications.  How you communicate with your customers and represent yourself is crucial to the success of your company.  Using free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or your internet provider’s services does not properly represent the professionalism of your organization.  Establishing an presence on the internet should be very important to you.

Email is hosted in one of two ways:
1. On-premise mail server.  For example: Microsoft Exchange.  This is a mail server that is installed, configured, and maintained by your IT staff on location.
2. Cloud hosted mail server.  This is a mail server that someone else installs, configures, and maintains for you.

If your company does not have an on-premise mail server or does not want to make the capital investment in running one, consider allowing J&S Electronic Business Systems to professionally host and manage your email.

J&S currently offers two types of email hosting services:
1. Premium – A full suite of email services including ActiveSync technology, shared calendar and contacts, as well as spam filtering using a world-class Barracuda hardware spam filter (included FREE with every account).
2. Classic – Traditional send/receive functionality with optional (free) Spam Assassin software to help minimize junk mail.  Barracuda filtering can be added at an additional cost.

Our hosting platform is constantly being improved.  Our infrastructure consists of multiple failover points, daily server backups, and constant monitoring.

If you’re looking for a professional email solution, give us a phone call today at 319-752-5603.