Finance Options

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General Credit Terms credit application
Leasing credit application


We understand that your business may not want to pay for product or service upon delivery, or that you may have a large project that you’d like to break into monthly payments.  For this reason, J&S offers two types of financial options:

  1. General Credit Terms – establishes general NET30 terms to replace CoD, allowing your business 30 days to make a payment rather than writing out a check upon delivery.
  2. Leasing – establishes a payment plan with the leasing company we have partnered with.

General Credit Terms

If you would like to establish a line of credit with our business, please click HERE to download our credit application.  Upon completion, please fax or mail it to us for review.  Once approved, you will be setup in our system with NET30 terms so that payment is not required upon delivery for each piece of equipment or service call.


If you would like to remove a large up front capital expense and instead break it into payments a lease may be right for you.  Click HERE to download the credit application from our leasing partner.  Upon completion, please fax or mail it to us for processing.  Once approved, you will have the option of using the leasing option provided on many of our quotes for equipment and service.