Hard Disk Security

J&S Electronics is committed to the security and privacy of personal information and assisting our customers with protecting the safety of your personal information. The following information will help ensure that you fully understand the privacy and security options available to you.

Manufacturer Security Statements: All of the copier/printer manufacturers we represent have released security statements that detail security options made available to you that are either currently integrated in the copier/printer or available as an add-on. Our knowledgeable team can direct you to specific products that will meet all of your hard drive requirements.

In addition, for copiers/printers that are traded in or returned to J & S Electronics, we offer the following options:

Removal of Hard Drive: Upon request, we will either destroy the hard drive or leave the hard drive with you. Disposal or replacement fees apply.

Hard Drive Overwriting: Upon request, we will overwrite (“scrub”) the hard drive for an overwriting fee and will provide a Certificate of Hard Drive Disposition.

Secured Hard Drive: If you have secured the information contained on your hard drive, validated the content of the information was non-personal, and/or have determined the device to have an encrypted hard drive, you may elect to return the copier/printer with the hard drive intact pursuant to the current policies of each manufacturer.

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