Managed IT

If you are like most small to mid-sized companies, you have a diverse mix of technologies and computer issues to support. As you depend more and more on technology as an integral part of your business, it is imperative that you consider the advantages of Managed IT Services.

Don’t spend your valuable time away from your core business. Managed IT Services are designed to help you manage your day-to-day IT maintenance issues and to keep you focused on the areas you know best.

Our Managed IT Services includes remote maintenance from our dedicated managed services team or on-site maintenance. From basic support to a plan that includes all of your hardware and maintenance, you can customize the level of IT service that’s right for you! We make it simple and affordable.

Our approach includes:

Desktop/Server Management: Remote software and unlimited technical assistance for your computer users and network administrator to help resolve issues. On-site assistance is available for problems that cannot be resolved remotely.

Help Desk Support: Unlimited help desk support from technical experts that can resolve computer-related issues, or questions on networks, PCs, and Microsoft applications (i.e. login authentication, connectivity issues, and application support).

Network Management: With remote software tools, proactively monitor your network environment to immediately detect and resolve any potential network problems. Provide network maintenance, anti-virus software management, availability, event log, backup, and drive space monitoring, security, file sharing and administration.

Cloud Computing: Cloud computing offers substantial economic advantages as you only pay for the computing resources you actually use. You can dynamically increase or decrease those resources as your needs change.

Storage Backup and Disaster Recovery Management: Designed for Windows servers, Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services provide near real-time backups and seamless off-site storage along with multi-year archiving and fast server virtualization capabilities. We can help you replace management intensive and error-prone tape backups and simplify the protection of your company’s server with reliable, automated backup, and assured data recovery.

Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS): We can provide help desk, remote, and on-site support for OCS including Live Meeting, Desktop Sharing, Instant Messaging, and end user devices. We also provide application maintenance and monitoring and security updates.

Microsoft Exchange Server: Support, maintenance and monitoring, and security update services are provided for your Microsoft Exchange server.

Recurring Business Review (RBR): Managed IT Services RBR is a process that provides a collection of information about your network, desktops, servers, storage backup, and disaster recovery systems. We monitor your IT environment to help you efficiently track and manage your network systems and devices. An RBR is conducted semi-annually to help you plan for network improvements and provide you with a detailed executive summary that includes:

  • Service call history and monthly activity reports
  • Server monitoring and performance reports
  • Security update analysis
  • Desktop utilization reports

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