Managed Services

Outsource your technical services to the J&S specialists

Not everyone has the time, money, or expertise to manage the technology that runs their business.  That’s where we come in.  J&S has a large team of specialists who work with all of the technologies your business needs and they can provide you service at an affordable rate so that you can focus on what you do best: grow your business!

Managed IT

Proactive monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure, help desk support services, and automated reporting.

Managed Print

Supplies and support for your copy and print devices.

Managed Voice

The technology and support you need to communicate with your team and customers.

Managed OneCall

No more calling a separate company for each type of device or service.  One call to one company for all things technology.  Managed IT, Managed Print, and Managed Voice in one convenient monthly payment.

Technical Experts

Years of experience

Phone call


Let us take the wheel

We will take care of the tech stuff so you can can focus on your customers.

Your company’s mission is critically dependent on technology and that is our specialty.  Every business aims to employ the most qualified candidate for a position so that the business thrives.  When you outsource to J&S, you are adding multiple experienced technicians to your team for less than the price of just one.  No more dumping responsibility on “the tech guy”.  Bring the J&S experts in and allow your staff to stay focused on helping your business grow.

Predictable Budget

No more surprises.

Take away the stress of a surprise labor bill due to an unpredictable event.

Stop worrying about the up-front capital expense of equipment.

With a Managed Services plan you will have a predictable and consistent operational budget.

Proactive versus Reactive

When a hard drive has failed and your employee can’t work, or a crypto virus has locked all of your files and you have no way to recover them, or your internet provider goes down so you cannot receive phone calls – you are being reactive.  And by then it is often too late: the damage is done and your business’ operations are impacted.

When your systems are automatically patched and secured, hard drive failures are predicted in advance, you have backups in the cloud, and your phone service can roll over to your cell phone so you don’t miss a beat – that is proactive.

It is never a matter of IF.  It is a matter of WHEN.  Are you prepared?



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