Despite efforts by some businesses to go paperless, the reality is many still prefer or are even required to use print for daily operations.

J&S can provide your business with award-winning HP and Konical Minolta copiers, printers, and multi-function devices that you can depend on –backed by the support of our expert technicians who provide the region with unparalleled service.

Without a true print assessment it is impossible to know what you are spending on printing, copying, faxing, scanning and distributing documents.

Besides the obvious equipment, supplies, service, and paper costs, a true print assessment includes human interaction costs, environment costs, and document delivery and assembly costs. It is money well spent when information flows efficiently to those who need it, when they need it – but a costly drain on resources when it doesn’t.

We can provide you with a comprehensive on-site print assessment of your organization’s output devices, printing costs, and monthly usage to help you determine your Total Cost of Ownership. Our print assessment will include such things as document output and usage reports, CAD drawings of your floor plan outlining your total document output environment, cost saving opportunities, and tools for maintaining control of your print environment. The result is a complete print management solution to help you measure your organization’s document distribution and output.

Consider some of the many benefits:

  • Save 10 to 30% on your printing costs
  • Save office space by consolidating products
  • Increase efficiencies through added features and benefits
  • Increase productivity and user satisfaction
  • Plan for the future with insight from actual usage