Most businesses have a system on their network that is used to centrally organize resources such as users, files, or applications known as a server.  In larger organizations high performance equipment such as a dedicated HPE server is necessary to keep your business running smoothly.

Whether you are looking to deploy a new server, upgrade an existing server, or to reorganize resources on your network, J&S has the experience to do it right the first time.

Every business has personal computers, typically referred to as desktops or laptops.  But PCs are far more than a piece of hardware.  These systems are an instrument that a human resource uses.  And if that instrument does not perform well, productivity suffers.

J&S understands the importance of putting high quality equipment in front of the end user.  We have partnered with HP, Inc. to provide commercial-grade systems that come out of the box with high performance hardware and built-in security features.

The network is critical to every system in your business.  An employee’s computer that can’t connect to the server isn’t just a problem for that user it is a problem for the business.  The network is how the various technical components of your business talk to eachother.

J&S has partnered with industry leaders such as HPE Aruba, Sonicwall, and Engenius to provide the most innovative and secure network solutions on the planet.